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Search Now makes finding drug tested (natural) competitions easy. A variety of categories are offered at these events. They include natural bodybuilding contests, bikini contests, figure contests, and physique contests.

To locate events, simply choose the level (amateur or pro), states, and months you want to find contests in and up pops a comprehensive list that includes all shows meeting the selected criteria that are held by any drug-free organization that operates in the USA. Plus, is updated daily so you know the show listings that searches produce are always up-to-date.

Not all contests include every category so competitors should check the details for a particular show before making plans to make sure it offers what they're seeking, whether it be men's bodybuilding, women's bodybuilding, men's physique, women's physique, figure or bikini contests.

Bikini contests generally target a softer, firm, shapely look while figure contests typically target a leaner appearance that shows a little more detail in the muscles. Natural bodybuilding contests aim for a very lean, muscular, symmetrical look and use a number of different muscle poses to show their physiques in a variety of angles. Men's physique contests also target lean muscularity but not to the extreme. Being too lean or too muscular may not be to the competitor's advantage in this category. In men's physique contests, more casual poses are used instead of well known muscular poses, and board shorts are worn rather than posing suits. And lastly, women's physique contests use several different poses to display their physiques in a similar manner to what the bodybuilders do, but the form is slightly different for most poses that some feel show the female physique in a more subtle manner. The exact criteria for what federations target can vary so it's wise to read a particular organization's guidelines to know what look should be strived for at their contests.

Why should competitors choose natural contests as the ones they compete in? Fairness for one. Why compete against others who could have an advantage from using anabolic steroids when you don't have to? Think it doesn't matter for bikini competitors? It's not always about muscle. Approximately half the people who don't pass a polygraph screening at natural contests are bikini competitors. Remember, anabolic steroids aren't the only things that can make competition unfair. Clenbuterol and Anavar are the popular banned substances with women. They make losing body fat easier. 

All events you'll find on utilize some type of drug testing to weed out potential cheaters. Guidelines for various natural organizations can vary. Some competitions use polygraph screenings, some use urine testing, and some use both.

Make your one-stop source for finding natural bodybuilding contests, figure contests, bikini contests, and physique contests. And be sure to tell everybody else where they too can use the quickest, easiest way to find the most up-to-date comprehensive list of natural contests anywhere in the USA.

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