OCB Eastern America Saturday September 15th

OCB Eastern America

Event Info

OCB Eastern America (Pro Qualifier*)

Please print a contest flyer and hang at the gym you go to.


Saturday September 15, 2018


Rockville High School, 70 Loveland Hill Rd, Vernon, CT 06066


10:00 AM (event will run straight through with a short intermission after group comparisons and before individual presentations/awards).


Adult General Admission $35, Under Age 18 General Admission $10, Assistant (general admission plus backstage access): $50 (only applicable to those helping a competitor prepare back stage). One assistant max per competitor is permitted.

Entry Fees & Deadlines

If entry is received by 08/26: Entry $69. After 08/26 an additional late entry fee of $50 applies. 09/12 is the last day entries will be accepted.

Division Offerings

Bikini: Novice, Open, and Age 40+
Figure: Novice, Open, and Age 40+
Men’s Physique: Novice, Open, and Age 40+
Men’s Classic Physique: Open
Men’s Bodybuilding: Novice, Open, Age 50+, and Age 40+
Women’s Physique: Novice and Open

NOVICE ELIGIBILITY: Cannot have placed first in any class (besides Teen), within any division, within any category, with any organization (with the exception of cases where first place was won in a class that only had one competitor in it).


When more than one class in a division, classes are formed by dividing competitors evenly by height.

Crossovers Entries (entering more than one division)

A "crossover" entry is entering more than one division within a category. For example, someone may enter the Novice division, if eligible, and also elect to crossover into the Open division and compete in it as well. Competitors may not participate in more than one category (Bikini, Figure, Physique, Bodybuilding, Classic Physique) at any given show.


The top 5 in each class will receive awards.


All competitors are required to be current members of OCB to participate in this event. If needing to obtain the annual membership, please register by a week before the event. Memberships can be purchased on OCBonline.com.

This is a natural (drug-free) competition. All competitors must meet eligibility criteria listed in the OCB drug testing guidelines in order to participate. Prior to registering competitors should review the procedures and list of banned substances posted on OCBonline.com.

Banned Substances Screening Methods

All competitors are required to be polygraph tested prior to competing. In addition, all pro qualifying placement winners are required to provide a urine specimen immediately after the conclusion of the event for urinalysis.

Check-Ins/Polygraph Screenings

By appointment 09/14 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM at the host hotel, Red Roof Inn, 425 Hartford Turnpike, Vernon, CT. The polygraph fee is $50 and is payable at the time of scheduling an appointment. To schedule an appointment email sulcop96@aol.com. Please try to schedule your polygraph appointment so it's before your spray tanning appointment if doing both the same day. Polygraph test results are valid for other amateur OCB shows that are held within 6 weeks. View the upcoming schedule of events.


For bodybuilding, classic physique, and women physique: email a digital file (mp3 or m4a) to sulcop96@aol.com and indicate whether you'd like the music to start after you get set on stage or before you come out. House music will be used for Men's Physique, Figure, and Bikini stage walks.

Host Hotel

Red Roof Inn, 425 Hartford Turnpike, Vernon, CT. (860) 871-2432

Backstage Policy

One assistant max per competitor is allowed backstage. The assistant MUST buy a trainer/assistant ticket, which is good for general admission and back stage access.

Competitor Prep Area

There is an ample area back stage for use in prepping before going on stage. Competitors are welcome to bring their own equipment and mirrors; however, due to school rules no heavy equipment will be permitted.

Video Recording Policy

Competitors and friends/family are welcome to bring recording devices.

Stage Photography Coverage

Information about and order forms for stage photography will be available at check-ins.

Spray Tanning and Hair/Make-Up Services

Visit EliteBronzing.com for details and appointments.

Competitor Meeting

There will be a short competitor meeting the day of the show. Pertinent information:

Guidelines: View the OCB General Guidelines and Guidelines for the Category you’re competing in on OCBonline.com.

Competitor Bios: Will be filled out and turned in at check ins. if you can print one and fill it out before check ins please bring it with you.

Stage Walks: For the stage walk there will be a series of “X’s” and arrows directing you for your stage walk. This is NOT judged so enjoy and have fun with it.

Tanning: There will be a space provided for you to apply tanning material out back, and a place to apply oils. DO NOT apply them in the halls or bathrooms. Not only does this make a mess it also makes a slipping hazard and we do not want any spectators injured. If you go watch the show put a shirt and sweats on so the oils and dyes do not get in the seats. We want to keep this venue and if we damage the bathrooms, get people injured or trash the seats we will lose it in the future.

Awards: the top five will be posted out back, in no order, after the posing. If you do not make the top five please stick around and cheer on your fellow competitors. Not everyone can win, but you can all forge lasting relationships, share information and help each other. When you accept your award there will be a number on the stage one through five. Stand on the appropriate number for your placement. For example if your number three stand on the three...

Back stage: One coach per person out back please. It’s not a large area so limit the number of people you have around you. You can bring your own pump up equipment and any small mirrors you want, but there is no equipment provided, by agreement with the school. Listen to the expeditors and have your number handy at all times. You will be called by your number most of the time so listen for it and get lined up when you are called. The show is too big to wait and I have had many people miss a class because they left the venue or were not paying attention. It is your responsibility to be lined up on time so be attentive and listen for instruction.

On Stage: Once on stage, stand on the white line and listen for instructions from the head judge. He will tell you what to do, when to hit a pose and when to stand relaxed. Get into your poses QUICKLY! Again it is a big show and the head judge will only take 6-10 seconds between calling a pose and giving the relax command. Placement on stage has nothing to do with your placement overall. So do not get discouraged if you are not center stage, you may have won as soon as you walked out and they never needed to put you anywhere else. Smile and have a good time, it’s all about having fun.

Photography: No flash photography. Your family can take photos, just no flash.

rnPlease review the guidelines on the OCB site for each division! I point this out because each year a competitor will show up with a coach who is not familiar with the OCB rules, qualifications or criteria and they prep the client based on what they “ASSUME” the guidelines are or base the prep on the guidelines of other federations. This has led to a lot of unnecessary drama. If you have a coach, make sure they have reviewed the OCB guidelines and have you properly prepared for this event. If training yourself then make sure you have covered the judging criteria, guidelines and all other information before heading to the venue.

Judges: Stick around for the judge’s feedback, they all take notes. If you can't wait for them then an email list will be posted on my website. This is your best tool for progression, feedback. The judging criteria is all on the OCB website so review it before the show and look at past champions and see what they brought to the table. Don't assume just because your coach and girlfriend said you should have won that they are correct. If there is a judging error it will be corrected, meaning if the tabulation was wrong and placements were incorrect I WILL FIX IT. The scores are checked twice after tabulation BUT mistakes have occasionally been made. Once identified it is corrected. It may not happen at the show, but it will get rectified at some point. The score sheets are sent to the OCB and the math is checked there. If an error was made the competitors will be informed and the placements corrected on the website and for the magazine. For information on what OCB judges look for and how they are trained you can look here: ocbonline.com under Guidelines.

Sportsmanship: Please remember you are not alone on stage, family and friends as well as 100's of strangers are watching you. I have seen competitors not place where they thought they should and have meltdowns on stage. This embarrasses yourself and others and will not be tolerated. I will ask you to depart the venue and you will be banned from future events if the actions are severe enough. I have had smashed trophies, the middle finger salute to the judges, f- bomb laden tyrants and people refusing to walk on stage an accept a placement. None of them have ever been allowed to return. This is bodybuilding, not the Superbowl. There are no riches, Nike endorsement deals or millions of media people waiting to meet and greet you. This is 100 or so people who put everything into an event that lasts one day that perhaps 600 people will see and the best you get at the end is a big ugly sculpture AND most important the satisfaction of getting to the physical ideal that only about 0.099% of the population ever achieve. So bottom line, you won before you got to the venue. Have fun, make friends and enjoy the day like it’s a birthday or Christmas with your great physique being the present. Enjoy and thank you for doing the show.


Any questions about the event can be directed to the show promoter at sulcop96@aol.com or (774) 836-0313.